Started in November 1998, the ShawrkByte.com domain is home to my personal development website. Originally intended to market my skills as a non-linear video editor under the company ShawrkByte Video, it was quickly overcome as simply my own website and playground.

One of the first iterations of the website was a blog (before blogs gained in popularity) featuring reviews of various movies I saw. Theater or television, it made no difference.

Current Website Infrastructure

The current iteration of ShawrkByte.com uses a custom lightweight MVC to navigate and display the website and some of the applications therein. Upon initial script load a core library is loaded which then also loads the Model and a couple of global settings and methods.

If processing is involved the Controller in instantiated. Some of the applications on this site use their own Controller or bypass the core MVC entirely.

Finally, the View is loaded. The View reads a flat HTML template file containing keywords for content substitution and placement. Upon completion, the page view is ready to be displayed by the browser.

About the Developer

My name is Justin Shaw and I am a web developer with over 20 years of experience. Sometimes also called web software engineers, my specialty is on mid-tier PHP application development and maintenance. While I do have a wealth of front-end experience with HTML5 (and its predecessors), Javascript and CSS, I prefer the behind-the-scenes work of the mid-tier. Sometimes called the application, logic, or communications layer, this work focuses on interfacing between the user and various databases, APIs, and other back-end solutions. Speaking of back-end, I also have some experience with RESTful APIs, NuSOAP, and both MySQL and MSSQL. I have experience working the full stack in both LAMP and WIMP environments, with PHP at the core as my specialty.

As you will see in my portfolio, I have a wide range of experience implementing and supporting custom solutions, ranging from the simple to complex, replacing paper processes to full-blown web application development and most everything in between.